beechtobeach’s team of trainers has been commissioned by Reykjavik Music City to train Icelandic musicians to make films on their smartphones.

More than 20 musicians will take part in four online workshops over 2 weeks to learn how to film and edit professional quality videos on their phones.

The training programme was designed in partnership with Anna Hildur who was herself a trainee on one of beechtobeach’s courses earlier this year.

The musicians and people working in the music industry include many performers who want to use video to help promote their work.

“This is an exciting new opportunity for us to take our smartphone expertise into the wider world. We’ve already worked with an Italian Soprano singer in Turin with great results. I can’t wait to see what the Icelandic musicians create,” said beechtobeach Director, Jane Mote.

The films that are made will be entered into an awards scheme and further workshops are planned for early 2021.