We’re always so busy making other people’s films we sometimes forget to tell our own story. Finally, three and half years after making Our Story on the beach at Climping, West Sussex, we have filmed and edited a sequel. This time we’re in the beech trees high up in the South Downs.

beechtobeach Director Jane Mote does most of the talking (!) but does manage to turn her camera on videographer Josh Kershaw to make sure he features too.

The video captures the spirit of the company and also shows the range of clients we’ve been working with on media production. There’s some lovely shots of butterflies and bees in there too.

Our work supporting documentary makers worldwide, as well as carrying out consultancy for TV and media companies, will have to wait for another film to be made when we have more time.

You can the first Our Story on our YouTube channel – see how far we’ve come!