With so many of us on enforced ‘holidays’ from our usual place of work we wanted to give people a chance to share their new views on the world.

Is homeworking full-time giving you interesting perspectives or helping you think or do things differently? Or do you have something else you’d like to share from your time away with friends and colleagues?

Beechtobeach is here to help.

We’ve created a Homeworker Postcard template.  Upload your images to our @homeworkerpostcards Facebook or Insta site – one mugshot for the stamp and one of your work-place – plus a short message and we’ll select the best for ‘publication.’    

We’ll share the post and we’ll send you your animated card to use on own social media too.

There’s no postage required – we’re running it as a free service as our way of staying in touch with co-workers worldwide.

Arundel-based artist Ann Sutton (aged 84) is featured on our first card. She’s loving the extra time and space that self-isolation is giving her to be creative. She’s started painting – not her usual medium – and had this to say about her experience: “I think I know what I’ m doing but if I don’t it’s even more interesting.”

We’re looking forward to seeing your quotes and images soon.