If you’re the sort of person who feels yoga’s too much of a commitment or reserved  for people live in leggings then re-think now!

A new initiative called Yoga In the Boardroom is bringing yoga into your workplace. And you don’t need a boardroom either.

Beechtobeach filmed with YITB founder Tracy Forsyth – a media exec turned executive coach and yoga guru  – to help bring some of her amazing tips to Youtube, Linked In, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With her help – and our little films – you can breathe deeply to prepare for a difficult for an important meeting, stretch out at your desk to ease your neck after too much computer work and re-charge your energies at the nearest wall or coffee station.

Filmed and edited by Josh Kershaw and directed by Jane Mote we made x20 films in one day and versioned them for different platforms to make it easy to watch any where any place.

“I’m super excited that after all these years behind the scenes in TV I now have a Youtube channel featuring these lovely films. They were beautifully shot and directed,” said Tracy Forsyth.

You can book Tracy for customised Yoga workshops to help your team overcome pressure in the workplace – bookings via walterwootze.com