It was standing room only at the launch of a new film collaboration between beechtobeach’s Josh Kershaw, Steve Mann and George Brooks in Chichester.

“Standard Procedure” was a labour of love for the filming crew and ESP shop owner Jamie Stenner whose amazing moves are now immortalised in the film.

More than 50 fans packed out the Coffee Lab to see the film which was shot over several weeks and then edited by Josh. It’s now being screened in store and gaining huge audiences on ESP’s social sites.

Jamie at ESP is full of praise for Josh’s work : “I’ve been lucky enough to work with this dude a couple of times now and it’s never been anything but a pleasure. He seems to understand exactly what I’m trying to achieve without me fully saying it. He pushes his filming and editing up a notch each time.”

Josh’s first film for ESP “Blood Sweat and 20 years” focussed on the story of the small independent store and its ambition for the future.