Beechtobeach Director Jane Mote has been brought onboard as a co-producer for Still at Sea – an important new documentary about the reality facing refugees in Europe with the rise of the right and xenophobia.

The documentary will be a sequel to Director George Kurian’s award-winning film The Crossing (2015) which showed the humanity behind the headlines about refugees.

George followed a group of Syrian friends as they risked everything on a treacherous boat journey to Italy to find peace in Europe. Four years on, they are becoming fearful again with far-right extremists gathering political strength.

“I met Jane at a documentary festival last Autumn and she immediately understood what I am trying to achieve so I asked if she would be willing to collaborate on the film. We will benefit a lot from her story-telling skills and industry knowledge,” said George.

Jane, who joins Sverre Pedersen from Norway as a co-producer, was equally excited to become part of this significant project.

” George has a real instinct for getting people to tell their own stories in their own ways. I know from running newsrooms, how quickly people think they have heard that story and moved on. But the people living the reality are not able to move on and the viewpoints of this amazing cast will change perceptions in a positive way.”

Still at Sea has been in development and is about to start early production. beechtobeach’s Josh Kershaw has edited an early trailer for the project and updated a trailer for The Crossing.

Designer Jamie Wood has developed a logo and website for Still at Sea and beechtobeach is collaborating with others on developing some impact tools to help with educational screenings of The Crossing.