Creating 180 language learning films for uTalk to show on the world’s biggest airline was a huge production for beechtobeach last year.

From our modest space in Arundel we developed the concept with uTalk’s language experts to bring their app to life in films to work on the back of every seat on Emirates airplanes.

We sourced and filmed with native speakers of Arabic, German, Mandarin and Spanish at venues across London. Then came the painstaking work of editing sequences for 3 lessons in 15 different languages to create accurate and appealing content.

But it’s all been worth it as the films have been shortlisted in two categories for the Middle East In-Flight Awards 2019.

The films are shown in a new Learning zone on Emirates ICE – their in-flight entertainment system – giving passengers a chance to try out Basic Words, Food and Drink and Getting  Around phrases.

Beechtobeach Director Jane Mote said:

“ We’re proud of our collaboration with uTalk which shows the scale and quality of job that can be done from our base in Sussex.”

“Our pilot for the English language films in this series was our first commission after we set up our Arundel office so it’s very exciting that the whole project has been recognised in this way.”

The Award winners will be announced at a ceremony in Dubai on February 12.