It started with a few research discussions and then an intense board paper. It ended with a radical overhaul of STV News.


I was one of a team of consultants working through DMA Media to make the proposals . I was then asked to stay in situ in Scotland to be Interim Change Manger to help implement the vision.


Six months of regular commuting to Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh and a roller coaster of a ride through a team’s emotions and concerns  through this period of change and I have now passed on the baton to the new head of News.


It’s always a difficult line to tread being an embedded consultant. Distant enough to be objective and offer the right advice, but close enough to gain the trust of the people you are working with to ensure you understand what really needs to happen and how best it can be done.


As I told the news teams when I started, I wouldn’t have put quite a pause on many of my own company’s other activities to do this if I didn’t think I could help improve the output and lives of the team.


I helped set up 460 hours+ or training – much of it with the supremely talented Mark Smith and digital guru Jen Topping created working groups, facilitated brainstorms, workshops and got down and dirty with many project plans and excel spreadsheets as well as doing ad hoc coaching at all levels.


The result? A growth in performance on broadcast share, a buzzing online and social media output with successful and exciting video content growing all the time, and an integrated planning system. Also a management team that is enthusiastic, capable and looking forward with optimism.


It’s hard to measure the personal outcomes but an email I received from one of the team who had been very concerned at the start thanking me helping him to re-energise him. He summed up what is for me one of the best outcomes of consulting.


“I am enjoying my work more than I have for years and look forward to where we go next.”


That’s what it’s all about. Good luck STV News you are all heart.