We learn something new every day here at beechtobeach. Until we spent time with Gavin Gardiner at his HQ outside Pulborough, West Sussex, we had no idea there was so much to know about vintage and sporting guns.

But just a few minutes with one of the UK’s most knowledgable experts on the subject and we were hooked. His Guide to Guns film shows what people should be looking for about the condition of a gun. Gavin’s natural style and passion for his subject soon helped us understand the importance of the sound of the locking bolt – Gavin’s likes a satisfying click like a car door on a low-mileage car rather rather than a rather nasty clunk of a high mileage version!

We learnt about the value of original finish (engravings) and condition of woodwork – free from cracks and splits.  We now understand how tight the barrels should be as well as the barrel condition needing to be free from pits, marks or dents. Are you lost? Gavin makes it all sounds so much easier!

We’ll be making regular Guide to Guns updates to showcase the craftsmanship and history of the guns he is selling and collecting  – and we’ve created the Gavin Gardiner Limited Youtube channel to showcase his videos.

Meanwhile we’ve just made four short films to help bring to life some of the Top Guns on sale at the first of his quarterly sales for 2108 – being staged at Sotheby’s next week at 2pm on April 18th 2018.

From an elaborate, unique, dinosaur-engraved Fredrick Beesley 12 bore to a more workaday Webley and Scott .22 Service Air rifle, unusually still in its original cardboard box, it’s great to see these pieces come to life rather than only flicking through the beautiful sale catalogue.

With summer coming up we’re looking forward to hitting the road in Gavin’s vintage jeep and potentially stepping out at The Gleneagles Hotel for his famous sale there.