Smart, informed and creative – three adjectives beechtobeach  director Jane Mote has used to describe the programme team she’s been helping out at the newly-launched Iran International TV channel.

The News-led channel is broadcast from shiny new studios (pictured) in London to 80 million people living in Iran and 10 million Iranians living across the world and has just launched in the USA. It is also available 24/7 streamed on

Jane was drafted in by DMA Media, the company who launched the channel to help shape the channel’s non-news programming strategy, to work with the Editor-at-Large Hossein Rassam along with the scheduling and creative teams.

“It is a vibrant and creative space and I am enjoying working with such smart, informed and enthusiastic people. We are already formulating some exciting ideas and hope to  some strong programming partnerships,” said Jane.