Arundel Castle’s grounds are filled this week with horses, armoury, medieval costumes and birds of prey for the 2017 International Jousting and Medieval Tournament – and we were lucky enough to be asked by Brighton-based PR company Midnight to capture the excitement on film to help promote the event.
It’s a huge area to cover from the Tilt field (tech term) at the base of the castle where the jousting tournament and field events take place, to the very top field where there’s foot fighting and a chance to try out archery. With storytelling, birds of prey, craft tents, catapults and handicrafts between it wasn’t easy to get it all on film. But the crowds and participants were in such a happy mood it carried us through the day. Take a look.
The competitors are from all over the world and this year saw the first two female jousters head-to-head with the male competitors. Apparently they only get to choose their horses if they start to lead the tournament later on in the week. All the horses looked amazing and well behaved –  many are used to be being filmed as they’ve starred on TV dramas including Poldark and Peaky Blinders.
I’d been to this event before and I would go again – definitely recommended. Take a camera but be prepared to cover a lot of ground.
You can buy tickets online or find out more from or turn up at the gates between now and Sunday July 30th. Be early – there’s a lot to fit in!