Pallant of Arundel has a special place in beechtobeach’s heart as it’s our local deli extraordinaire keeping us well nourished with fab food and drink. So we were delighted to help co-owners Mark Robinson and Jonathan Brantigan to celebrate 10 years of successful ownership this May.

beechtobeach made an anniversary film about the owners’ mission and helped devise a press strategy to attract interest and more custom.

The story was picked up locally by the Argus and Arundel’s website with rave reviews of the film from customers who say its captured the spirit of the deli they know and love. Their feedback includes:

“It’s a GREAT video, and I have to say watching it I have a new admiration for Pallant and felt rather inspired, not that I didn’t already think you  are pretty awesome”

“It is a great video, and very natural…. Because it’s all true!  You have a successful business, because you know your business and you are both authentic.”

Jonathan Brantigan said:  “The feedback from everyone I’ve spoken to so far that’s seen the video is brilliant….well done to beechtobeach and thanks.”