Chichester skateboard store ESP is  celebrating 20 years of being ‘the heart of the city’ with a specially commissioned video produced by Josh Kershaw at beechtobeach.

Co-owner and manager Jamie Stenner allowed the cameras in to capture the essence of what he’s trying to achieve at this popular, independent store. The film features Jamie’s personal story and also demonstrates some of his skills on rollerblades.

“The film is awesome! Josh really gets what we’re trying to do here – he’s got across the real essence of what we’re about. I’m looking forward to get it out there to help people understand our mission.”

Josh has been a customer at the store and felt so inspired by Jamie’s story that he composed his own music score for the video.

” Jamie’s so passionate about what he does that it’s infectious. I’ve really thrown my heart and soul into the project and I’m excited about how it’s turned out.” said Josh.

Take a look and see what you think. You can find out more about ESP on Facebook