beechtobeach Director Jane Mote has spearheaded a call for ‘archive warriors’ to help unlock stories for new documentary filmmakers in Lagos, Nigeria. Jane produced and chaired a panel session at iRep International Documentary Festival 2017 to discuss how African documentary makers can access stories, images and research materials in the archives of museums and collections across the world. She was joined by experts from across Africa as well as the British Library’s Lead Africa curator, Dr Marion Wallace.

Speaking after the panel she said: “There was a huge passion for creating and preserving new archives in Africa and some leading historians and filmmakers are promising to be the Archive warriors for the future. It’s also essential that the key holders to colonial archives open up their collections to help a new generation of local story tellers know more about their past to help inform their futures.”

Jane was the keynote speaker at iRep last year and is an advisory board member for the Foundation for the Promotion of  Documentary Film.  You can keep up with all the new from iRep on Twitter @irepfilm.