Our new videographer Josh Kershaw doesn’t just have a way with images – he’s good at persuading people to go on camera and tell their stories. This time he worked his magic with beechtobeach’s normally camera-shy director Jane Mote.

On a sunny day at Climping beach near our Arundel offices he persuaded Jane to be filmed explaining her mission for the company. The film has been hugely successful already with 100s of views and is proving to be a useful introduction tool for new client discussions.

“Most of all it was just fun, ” said Jane. “Being outside and just playing around helped – as well as Josh’s skill at going with the flow when he is filming. I’m really pleased with the result and it means I know what I am asking other business owners to do when I suggest they go on camera to tell their stories.”

The music for the film was close to home too – composed by Josh who has a huge following for his sound creations.